Peter Swanson – Ceramics

Peter Swanson

Peter Swanson has been showing a few of his masterful “one-off pots” along with affordable pale blue domestic ware at Sladers Yard ever since our opening in 2006.

Peter Swanson has been potting since 1976 and has a studio at Prussia Cove in Penwith, Cornwall. He works in high-fired reduction stoneware, his ceramics are glazed with ashes from different plants and woods such as oak, beech, pine and lavender and also various granite dusts.  These natural materials combined with a wonderful design sense give the pottery a truly elemental feel.

Peter uses a self-built gas kiln and a wood-fired anagama kiln built which fires to 1325 degrees to achieve his exceptional surfaces and textures.

Peter’s domestic ware is dishwasher and oven proof and a joy to use. Please call 01308 459511 if you would like to enquire about Peter Swanson’s pots.  His prices range from a £14.50 small bowl to £54 for an oven dish with handles.

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