Amanda Wallwork

Amanda Wallwork


24 January until 26 February 2017

Sladers Yard is delighted to introduce the oil and plaster paintings of Amanda Wallwork, whose rich earth colours and archaeologically inspired markings bring an awareness of deep history and ancient dawns. Amanda is a highly respected artist whose practice centres on a series of research projects specifically concerned with the archaeology and geology of place. Underpinning all her work is extensive research, including dialogue with earth scientists and investigative walking. She is interested in how and why land has been used and shaped, how people move through it, the impact we have and the traces we leave behind.

View Amanda’s work below.  View the whole Radiance show here.

Amanda Wallwork  Mapping 004  oil graphite plaster   50 x 60 cm  2009  £2200

Amanda Wallwork Mapping 004 oil, graphite, plaster 50 x 60 cm

Much of her recent work investigates the South Dorset Ridgeway, one of the most archaeologically active areas in UK. Faint marks in the earth, visible only from the air, reveal the sites of early human habitation, traces that for Amanda form a readable map laying out clues to the story. Her most recent work goes below ground exploring the geology beneath. The series Deep Time references the term used by geologists to describe the concept of the vast unimaginable periods of time represented by geological timescales. Homing in on the physicality and colour of the exposed rock face of the Dorset coast and the ‘colour’ of time as symbolised by geological mapping, these works convey a sense of the age old, all knowing of the rock beneath our feet and the concept of these slowly formed layers acting as compressed data stores recording everything that has passed.

Amanda Wallwork  Deep Time 4  oil, plaster  50 x 60 cm  2011  £1700

Amanda Wallwork Deep Time 4 oil, plaster 40 x 50 cm

Reminiscent also of planets and ancient hearths, the light of knowledge that mapping brought, the turning of the seasons and the passing of time, Amanda Wallwork’s paintings are textured, deeply satisfying objects of contemplation.

The long-term artistic director of Sherborne House Arts, an active curator for b-side festival as well as a founder member of the Visual Arts South West Steering Group, Amanda works to support the visual arts in the south-west. She has exhibited her own work widely over a number of years particularly in London and Cornwall and has taken part in numerous arts-funded projects. She was elected as an RWA academician in 2014. She now lives and works in West Bay.

Amanda Wallwork’s paintings can be viewed below. To see prices and materials click on the image and view in slide show with captions below. Any problems or enquiries please contact Sladers Yard by replying to this page or T: 01308 459511

AW at Eype photo by Jeremy Gardiner.jpg

Amanda Wallwork at Eype. Photo by Jeremy Gardiner.

1 Response to Amanda Wallwork

  1. Jean Robertson says:

    Profoundly creative relationship to the Land. Moving images.

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