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Recent works by Mike Dodd, Peter Hayes, Gabriele Koch, Franny Owen, Adela Powell, Sue Ure & Paul Wearing


Browse and buy ceramics. We will ship them to you. We are pleased to hold a selection of work by each artist. Click on these images to see each artist’s work.

Gabriele Koch White Standing Form, porcelain lines, H57.5cm, £2,995 Enquire
Peter Hayes PH2 White Bow 17 x 8 inches, H43 x 20cm £1,020 Enquire
Mike Dodd 40. Very Large Casserole H20 x W32cm £132 Enquire
Paul Wearing 9. Ellipse Vessel H25 x W30 x D17cm Enquire

Adela Powell 56. Can form Large blue, 23 x 24 x 7 cm £465 Enquire
Franny Owen 1. Porcelain vase H11.5 x 14cm £130 Enquire
Mugs, Petit creme £21, large £26 espresso cups £18
Sue Ure domestic ware